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  Voices In The Wilderness: Dissenting Soundscapes and Songs of G.W.'s America


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Pax Label Lore

Brief History

Pax Recordings was founded in 1997, by Northern Californians Jennifer Jones and composer/guitarist Ernesto Diaz-Infante, with the ambition to explore the boundaries of music. Pax Recordings was initially based in Pacific Grove (Monterey Bay Area) and relocated to San Francisco in 2000. Pax Recordings aesthetic is a wide range of modern music, including: experimental, improvised, noise, electronic, free jazz, 21st century composition, and avant rock, with an emphasis on improvisation and unclassifiable music.

Statement of Intent

Pax Recordings record label is dedicated to the documentation, preservation, and contagion of music from the margins of our culture and psyches-often improvised and experimental . Composer/guitarist Ernesto Diaz-Infante, and filmmaker/musician Marjorie Sturm co-conspire and run Pax Recordings. Their most significant release is a compilation CD of twenty-six artists titled Voices In the Wilderness: Dissenting Soundscapes and Songs of GW's America.

Contact Info
P.O. Box 591138
San Francisco, CA 94159-1138


USA: Squidco North Country U.I.R.C. Ignivomous
Canada:Verge Corpus Hermeticum Triage International

Run by

Marjorie Sturm, and Ernesto Diaz-Infante

Roster includes

Sabrina Siegel, Helena Espvall, Na, Aaron Bennett, The Abstractions, Andre Custodio, Kyle Bruckmann, Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestra, Matt Davignon, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, David Dvorin, Chris Forsyth, Go-Go Fightmaster, Morgan Guberman, Matt Hannafin, 99Hooker, Tohru Kanayama, Bonnie Kane, Marina Lazzara, thollem McDonas, Moe!kestra, miba, mJane, muck, Neshama Alma Band, Rev.99, Jess Rowland, Lx Rudis, John Shiurba, Karen Stackpole, Pablo St.Chaos/Bohol, Marjorie Sturm, Dave Tucker West Coast Project, Voices In the Wilderness, Ian Yeager and Rotcod Zzaj.

Future plans

Ernesto Diaz-Infante & The Neshama Alma Band - Civilian Life - Pax PR90287
Lx Rudis - solo - Pax PR90290

Choice Cuts

Britney Spears Autopsy, rev.99 - Everything Changed After 7-11 - PR90255
pulled towards the earth, miba - the corplate porblem - PR90270
part 5, Moe!kestra - Two Forms of Multitudes - PR90261
B, Electro Magnetic Trans Personal Orchestra - s/t - PR90254
House Carpentar, Go-Go Fightmaster - s/t - PR90258
The Bitter Undiscovered..., The Abstractions - Ars Vivende - PR90260
Sun On The Moon, Marina Lazzara - wind on the firecracker... - PR90265
Amoeba cleaned me out! Dave Tucker West Coast Project - tenderloin - PR90264
I once carried, Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Chris Forsyth - as is stated - PR90263
track 6, Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Matt Hannafin - all the states between - PR90262
fate succeeds because it's obvious, Ernesto Diaz-Infante - s/t - PR90259

Info and manifesto:

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